Zobacz pełną wersję : Witam wszystkich z Litwy! Greetings from Lithuania.

16th-July-2010, 19:41
Salut everybody!

I was invited to join your forum, by SirTrojan, thank you for him.

Shortly : I drive an :infi: FX45, 05' all-extras.

I am from Lithuania (believe that you know it), will try to participate in all chat's and share with my knowledge about cars, and not only.

Moreover, if it will be hard to understand my english, I will try to write in Polish, but I think that it will be very poor, sorry :(
But if you will have questions to me, don't hesitate - ask me, you can write in polish, because I understand everything. :) and even can talk.

In the end, i want to say, that pics of my car, I'll put in a few days... because it is a "WEEKEND!" :)

Now, good day!


16th-July-2010, 21:55
Ha Ha Good One.

17th-July-2010, 00:02
Welcome Darius :)
Fajnie że dołączyłeś do forum :thumb: i szacunek za to że czytasz po polsku - ja rozumiem po rosyjsku ale czytanie w tym języku to droga przez mękę :) a po litewsku to tylko jedno słowo znam ALUS - co znaczy piwo :becky:

17th-July-2010, 00:14
Welcome aboard :)

17th-July-2010, 00:20
Welcome to the forum body ;)